Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Guardian Angels

Sometimes in life, when things seem at their worst, and we feel like the world is a terrible, vicious place, we find tender moments of grace.  These are the moments when God lifts us up when we least expect it.  It is when He works through people to touch our lives, surprise us, and let us know that love is bigger than the sorrows we face and the adversity which challenges us.

I came home tonight, exhausted from a long week, with stress having taken its toll.  My pregnant wife had an ultrasound for our two babies earlier in the day.  I love them very much.  They are my world.  So of course my anxiety levels were sky-high until the appointment ended.  Thankfully everything went well, but it doesn't mean a father doesn't worry every time.  Nothing else in my life is as important to me as my wife and our two babies. 

Coming home, I found my neighbors had the goodness in their hearts to work on mowing my yard.  It was an act of kindness and service that I will never forget.  "We figured you were tired from dealing with doctor's visits and everything that we wanted to help you out."  They brought over some garden vegetables so my wife would have them.  It meant so much.

In a society that has become increasingly atomized and isolated, it is so wonderful to have neighbors that care for one another.  It is truly like the kingdom of heaven.  It is made of the good deeds and acts of service people share with one another. 

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