Friday, July 4, 2014

As it is July 4, it is time to reflect on some of the special freedoms we have as Americans. As far as free speech, America is the freest country in the world. In Europe, you can actually be jailed for saying things which are politically incorrect. France and Germany are excellent examples of this. In America you don't have to worry about the secret police coming to get you if you say the wrong thing. Now, you may be audited or spied on by the NSA (LOL), but you aren't going to be sent to the gulag.

This country has many flaws. It is a young country still looking to define itself and find its true identity. But within this adolescence is a spirit of hope, that perhaps the future may be brighter. Even though there are many ugly things about America, there is much beauty here as well. I love this country. I live here because I want to help make it better for me and my upcoming children. America is a family. You hang in there, love it, and try to contribute what you can when you can.

One of the great American literary narratives is that of the road trip. Wide open spaces, an infinite horizon ahead, multidimensional characters, and a sense of unbounded possibility help to contain the protean character of the American experience. This is the America I have come to know and love.

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