Monday, February 20, 2012

Putting Vegetarians Through The Sausage Grinder

Driving around, I like to read bumper stickers.  Why anyone would want to advertise their opinions on the back of their vehicle is beyond me.  It's not like people change their political opinions based upon reading bumper stickers.  During election time, I'm not driving around thinking to myself "I wonder who I should vote for?"  "Oh look, there's a Romney sticker.  My mind's made up, time to vote Romney!"  It just doesn't work that way.  The same goes for those "Coexist" stickers.  I highly doubt Nazis are driving around thinking to themselves "God I hate everyone except me.  Oh look, there's a coexist sticker.  I feel so much love and tolerance now!"

I see some where people have NORML bumper stickers.  NORML is an organization dedicated to reforming the criminal marijuana laws.  Putting this sticker on the back of your bumper is like saying "Dear cops, please pull  me over and get the drug sniffing dogs ready.  I would like to go to jail for marijuana possession."  If you are a member of NORML, that is awesome.  But please, hold off on the bumper stickers.

The one bumper sticker I cannot stand is the one mocking vegetarians that says "I love animals...they taste yummy."  This is typically on the back of rusted out, very late model American made trucks.  The purpose of this bumper sticker is to be as cruel and insensitive as possible to very sensitive people.  It's an act of redneck bullying that takes pride in its cruelty.  If you have this bumper sticker on your car, you are basically advertising what a small minded asshole you are.  

I'm not a vegetarian.  I think eating meat is okay so long as the animals are treated humanely and slaughtered humanely.  However, I know people who are vegetarians.  Some of them don't eat meat because they feel empathy for animals.  Their zone of caring extends to non humans in a caring and loving way.  Their moral imagination is extended beyond their own species.  They don't preach to me or make me feel guilty because I eat meat.  They don't do anything to preach their moral superiority.  They just want to have reasonable food options at parties or on a plane.  

People who want to deliberately offend sensitive, caring people are bullies.  They are thugs.  There is nothing commendable about how cruel someone can be.  If you prefer to eat animals, fine.  You're like nearly everyone else.  But why should you give a shit if someone doesn't?  That means more meat for you, dumbass.  If you are imagining that they are making fun of you, looking down on you, or being snobbish toward you, then that's your own moral hangups and paranoia speaking, not reality.  The harsh reality is that the world is filled not with sensitive, caring people who empathize with others, but instead, with assholes like you who are responsible for a good portion of the wars, violence, domestic abuse, and other cruelties of the human race.  Taking pride in how ignorant and idiotic you are is not something to be proud of.  

People with these kinds of bumper stickers were the kinds of children who used to giggle like Beavis and Butthead while pulling the legs off spiders.  And these are the same folks who grow up to be losers whose only sense of superiority comes from beating up on people simply because they have a heart.  If that is what takes to let them forget about pathetic their lives have become, then that is really sad.

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